When Do I Pick My Turnips?

After diligently taking care of your turnips from seed to maturity, it’s now time to taste the sweet fruit of your labor – harvest time!

And since you have put all your best efforts in growing such wonderful, healthy tubers, you want to make sure you will do everything right, including the harvesting.  When do you know it’s the right time to pick your turnips?

If you’re harvesting turnips for its greens in the summer, you know it’s time when the leaves are already four to six inches tall.  For winter turnips, they should be picked at the height of four to six inches.  It will grow back several more times after being cut off.

The roots should be harvested when they are between two to four inches in diameter.  Any longer or bigger and they will become pithy and bitter-tasting.  Remember that it’s better to pick your turnip roots too soon that too late.  The younger the turnip roots, the more tender and flavorful they are.

Also take note of the temperature before harvesting.  Turnips must be picked before the temperature goes higher than 75 degrees during the day.  In fact, it’s best to expose them a little to a light frost.  This will make the turnip roots sweeter.

Harvesting turnips is quite simple: when the soil is moist, pull them from the ground.  Or you may opt to dig them – which is not hard to do as they are not planted too deep in the soil – and wash them off with water before storage.


2 Responses to “When Do I Pick My Turnips?”

  1. Mr D whitworth says:

    I nearly fell a sleep reading this article, Please keep it simple, & more dirrect to the point, ( found it hard work & exteamly BORING )

  2. Bill says:

    I have never let my turnip stocks flower before picking. This year I have let them go and the yellow flowers have bloomed. Is it too late to harvest?