The Vitamins Found in Turnips


Why snob something that’s good for you?  Take turnips for instance.  It has been found to have so many vitamins and other health benefits that it’s a wonder why people look down on it for so long.

Take a look at these vitamins and see how turnips can help you and your health.

  • Turnips have been found to have high levels of Vitamin C.  This vitamin is so powerful that it has a long list of health benefits.Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights the proliferation of free radicals in the body and neutralizes oxidation reaction.  It also helps the body absorb iron, boost our immune system and prevents infection.Inflammatory problems such as asthma can be relieved and cured with sufficient Vitamin C intake.
  • Turnips greens were discovered to contain Vitamin A and lutein which lowers the risk of developing cataracts and other eye problems.  This vitamin has also been discovered to effectively reduce damage to the lungs caused by smoking and those exposed to second-hand smoke.
  • Essential vitamins like vitamins E, A and C along with other nutrients in turnip roots and greens can help prevent certain cancers.  The green, leafy top of turnips are said to effectively reduce the risk of stomach, pancreas, lung, colon and bladder cancers
  • The flavonoid content found in turnips can help lower bad cholesterol in the body and protect it from other cardiovascular diseases.
  • Like most vegetables, turnips are a good source of fiber which help cure constipation, hemorrhoids and other intestinal problems.
  • Folic acid, another important vitamin our body needs, plays a major role in the reproduction and growth of cells.
  • Beta-carotene and calcium, both found in turnips, aids in relieving joint pains caused by arthritis.
  • Phosporous, magnesium, potassium among other vitamins and minerals found in turnips are important in the development and general health of the body.