The Importance of Watering Turnips

All plants need some moisture, no matter how little.  The same goes for turnips.  The importance of watering this root crop can very well determine how healthy and abundant your harvest is going to be.

But of course, it’s not just about watering per se, but watering it right.  Turnips are generally a hassle-free crop.  They grow fast and their cultivation is confined in keeping weeds away and watering them properly.

In growing turnips, never allow the soil to go dry.  Drought will make the roots grow tough and wood-like. But aside from the texture, lack of water will also affect the turnip’s taste — it will become too strong to be palatable.

Drought will also encourage the infestation of spider mites which your turnips might not be able to tolerate.

When watering your turnips, do not do it quickly.  Quickly pouring water on your turnips will wash away the soil holding the water.  It’s best to make a trench in between rows of your turnip plants and pour ample water into the trench.  This will allow the water to soak slowly into the soil down to the turnip roots.

When watering turnips that are grown in containers, gently pour water into the soil.  Make sure not to make the soil too soggy.

Too much water will make the roots rot.  Adequate water will promote seed germination and rapid growth.