Six Health Benefits of Eating Turnips


Like most vegetables, turnips are loaded with a lot of health benefits.  They are good not just for farm animals but for human consumption as well, rich and poor alike.

Being a starch veggie, turnips provide only a third of the calories you can get out of potatoes.  What’s more, it’s not just the roots that’ nutritious but the leafy tops, too.

Here’s how eating turnips can help you health-wise:

  1. Because it has a high content of vitamin C, turnips is a powerful anti-inflammatory which stunts the development of asthma symptoms.   Lack of vitamin C also leads to diseases such as scurvy and people deficient in this vitamin may bruise easily.Recent studies show that regular intake of vitamin C also helps the body fight-off certain cancers like colon tumors and rectal cancer.
  2. Along with Vitamins E and beta-carotene, the vitamin C found in turnip roots and greens are great sources of antioxidants, bringing down the existence of free radicals in the body.Too many free radicals may result in the oxidation of bad cholesterol and clumping of platelets in our body which then leads to atherosclerosis, a condition that damages the blood vessels.  Eating turnips will aid the body in fighting against the development or progression of this condition.
  3. Studies show that carcinogens present in cigarette smoke leads to vitamin A deficiency ultimately resulting to lung inflammation, emphysema and other lung problems.The vitamin A found in turnip greens helps in counteracting this effect and maintaining healthy lungs.
  4. Adequate turnip consumption also inhibits joint damage, risk of osteoporosis and the incidence of Rheumatoid Arthritis.The turnip, aside from having calcium, is also an excellent source of copper, a mineral necessary in the body’s production of connective tissues.
  5. Having turnips included in your diet also reduces the risk of cognitive deterioration.
  6. Another health benefit of eating this humble root crop is its role in the proper functioning of the body’s immune system.  The beta-carotene content in turnips also assists the body in producing healthy membranes.

Disliked and stereo-typed by many, turnips have so many nutritional benefits.  They are a good source of folic acid, manganese, thiamine, magnesium riboflavin among others.