Seed Varieties of Turnip

Not all turnips are created equal.  There are so many varieties of turnip seeds and each one varies in shape, size, color, taste and how they grow.

No part of the turnip is wasted.  The root as well as its leafy green tops can be eaten.  However, the more mature they get, the stronger their taste become — especially turnip greens.

Some varieties of turnips are grown specifically for their greens alone.  Their leaves are small and tender.  So if you are planning to cultivate turnips for its leaves, you should choose from several cultivars that grow little or no roots.

Several types of turnips cultivated for its greens include Alltop, Shogoin, Topper and Seventop.  A few varieties of turnips such as White Globe and Purple Top are grown for both the greens and roots.

There are also some turnip seed types that produce roots with different shapes, colors and growth spurts.

The turnip seed “Rubin” is quick cropping, its flesh with an excellent flavor.  “Atlantic Speedy” seeds are also quick to mature, producing crops that can be harvested in as fast as 6 up to 12 weeks.

True to its name, “Snowball” seeds grow roots that are round and as white as snow.  A first class globe turnip, it is juicy and has a sweet taste.  It is best both for its roots and greens.

A newcomer to the turnip family, “Oasis” grows roots that have an extremely sweet taste that are not unlike melons.  They grow as big as tennis balls and can be harvested anytime.

The turnip is a root crop that grows almost anywhere but thrives especially in cool climates.  It can be sown from the first up to the last week of June, some can also be planted as early as May either on the ground or in containers.

Turnips are available in spring, early summer and throughout fall.

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