Choosing Turnip Seeds

If you’re thinking of growing turnips yourself, you should carefully choose your turnip seeds well.  Not that turnips are delicate to grow – in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  But you can only expect an excellent turnip harvest if they came from excellent seeds.

Every successful harvest can be attributed primarily on the seed where it all started.  If you haven’t tried growing turnips before, you’re certainly missing something.  It’s quite enjoyable to pluck this crisp and delicious root crop straight from your own garden.

The seeds of turnips are very small and selection of the seeds must be based on the specific variety you want to grow.

Some of the most common types of turnips include white turnips, purple top and globe turnips among others.

You should also base your choice on which part of the turnip you want to use.  If it’s the root you want to make use of, do not get varieties that are grown specifically for the greens alone.  These types of turnip have very small roots, if they ever have any at all.  But both are grown the same way.

Turnip seeds keep as long as four years.  Once planted, the seedling would require thinning.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to grow turnips.  They are a hardy root crop that can tolerate cold weather or even drought.  It can be grown all year round and be used back in your garden as compost.