Bacon and Turnip Soup Recipe

A delicious turnip soup with bacon
Yield:     Preparation Time:     Cooking Time:
Smooth, creamy winter turnip and potato soup. Served with crispy bacon and chopped parsley.


750 g turnip, peeled and chopped
1 onion, chopped
375 g potatoes, peeled and chopped
125 g smoked bacon, remove rind
25 g butter
1.2 l chicken stock
1 small sprig thyme
1 bay leaf
150 ml milk
finely chopped parsley
freshly milled black pepper

Recipe Instructions

Prepare and cook the vegetables
Add the butter to a large saucepan and heat. Add the onions and fry gently for 5 minutes until translucent. Add the chopped potatoes and turnip and stir well. Cook for a further 4-5 minutes. Add the stock, thyme sprig and bay leaf, bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer for around 35 minutes or until vegetables are soft.

Puree the soup
Using a hand-held blender puree the soup until smooth. Alternatively process in a food-processor in batches, again until smooth.

Prepare garnish
Chop the smoked bacon into small pieces and fry until crispy.

Finish the soup
Add the milk and crispy bacon, and salt and pepper to taste. Heat until soup is hot.

Serve in soup bowls and garnish with chopped parsley.